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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey all... long time didnt update my Blog liao...

been very busy wif Work, moving apartment and patching stuff wif O

so as below is Part of my apartment... :P

Living room


there is still the Gym, cafe and balcony... :P
so now me and O have make up our mind to STAY together... mean COMMITMENT!!! omg... i hate this WORD!! LOL..

| 12:37 AM

Thursday, April 09, 2009

haisss... another busy day. been so busy for the Freaking two mths... what "new work year", clearing all the back log, and R/S problem...

we have broke up for 3 weeks.. i still miss O, althou is O that let me down. but i still love O as the same.. so many Past O had and i aLSO let it go. what O really wants?? haiss... maybe what all my Pal have said... THE NEXT ONE WILL BE BETTER!!

weather is like going crazy... i can see lightning, dark clouds but No rain... hahaha not even Pass by.... i think earth is really Sick... so ppl... STOP hurting the EARTH!!! :P

but this kind of Weather can be seen only when O calls me... lol.. and all O friends say "haha, O's BLACK Magic is COMING for you... the curse is coming..." ok this sound errie.. but i can say, O really noe some Black magic... (below i will post some photo of some Gong Tau aka Black magic)

Recently alot of my friend is Out of love... so here i have an adviced for them, "There's someone Better!!"

next post i will talk more abt Thai Black Magic... will find more Photos

below is Khunman Thong(baby ghost),
most of the thai believe that this kind of amulets can help one in getting rich

below is look krogue(is a baby skull wif two head, also come wif one head :P)

Thai believe that getting this can help in Doing business and helps in REN YUAN also...

| 4:08 PM

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Alot of things Happen.. in only a SHORT 2 weeks...
finally i broke up wif O. everythings have end... from lover to friend.. might need a few years to forget O...
when really think back.. we do have lots of fun and laughter along the way.. maybe it seem like a waste to end it but it is the best ways we can choose...
HMMM BEEN very very Freaking Busy wif my work... been OT so much... hahaha...

hmmm some nice new thai song to intro u guys...

ok... that's all for today...

| 8:41 PM

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here all the pic!!!

| 7:57 PM

It has been a while since my last post.. been busy wif O and work...
just went back sg to pray my dad.. it's been a year... haisss... still miss him.
O and Me are tgt for 7 mths... can U guys imagin?? hahaha. but these days.. we had a bad days, been quarreling for the past two mth. ytd i just found out O lied to me. O lie that O was back in hometown but i found out O has back in Bangkok on Wed night.. dun really noe how to handle it..
so went back sg for 3 days... meet up wif MY cute cute JJ..:P
thx JJ for the accompany... should i POST some PIC here?? oh.. b4 i forget, also MIAO MIAO!!! lol... miss his SINGING session!! :P
eh.... dunnoe what to post liao... Chao...

| 7:45 PM

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Luke birthday at Boat quay

Cafe Del Mar... foam party!!

Dinner Time!!!

It has been mth for mi to post... these days are very busy in overseas,... need to do alot of stuff.. sian....

just back in sg for some 7th mth stuff and Luke birthday...(will post some pic later)

and nowdays been goin to Cafe Del Mar.. love that place... really can make someone relax and free...

dunnoe wat to post liao...:P

| 10:17 PM

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

didnt update moi blog since after moi dad funeral. firstly i wanna thax all those that attended moi dad funeral... very busy and also worry abt alot of things. but thx god that all those problem has been solve...
soon after the funeral, i'm back in THAILAND to work.. so it is kinda VERY busy at work and also alot to CATCH up wif... but today all has back to NORmal... lol...
haha last week met up wif Harper in thailand.. lol.. did have alot of FUN... really cant wait for that IDIOT to join him back in THAILAND for holiday...
Hmmm didnt meet that idiot up for the last trip back.. iDIOT!! i miss u alot.... sry that didnt meet u up!! hahaha i think idiot will not view moi BLOG.. so IT'S ok... :P
been trying to train back... but this time is DIFF... not really goin to SLIM down.. but to BUILD up... hehehe... cos i scared that all those EXTRA skin will be a HUGE problem for mi.... hehehe. so ALL wish mi ALL THE BEST... lol...
should i post all the PIC i took wif Harper here?? hmmm better NOT... later he stole all THE scene... hehehe lol..
k la.. that all folk... good night.... i going to BED liao...

| 4:20 AM

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

back in SG already..
Got a call from moi brother at 4am telling mi that moi dad dun have any heartbeat already. and at 04.15am he called to inform that moi dad passed away peacefully. so i got the first flight back to sg... i reach sg at around 12 to get things done for the funeral.
busy wif all the stuff.. really miss moi dad today.. i suddenly remember all those thing and joke we share. althou us didnt spend much time wif him but we are still very close wif him.. for the pass few mth i been seeing him suffer in the hospital.. i feel that maybe this is a relieve for him..
u are always remembered in our heart
rest in peace
I love You

| 7:15 AM